Disc Golf Pants You Don’t Wanna Miss Out On Your Next Game

You are going for a game of disc golf, but don’t know what pants to wear. Disc golf pants are what you need! But not just anyone. You want disc golf pants of superior quality that go with the trends.

I bet your mind’s going to the Dude Disc Golf Pants right now. This post is not too different from one of my previous posts on – Why Does A Golfer Wear Two Pants. Only we’ll be talking about what to wear to disc golf, and our focus will be on the right pants for disc golf.

Ever heard of the Dude Disc Golf Apparel?

Yep, that one!

That’s going to be our model for the perfect collection of disc golf pants, and you’re about to know why.

Stay with me.


Best Pants For Disc Golf

Firstly, can we talk about the best pants for disc golf?

For starters, I do know you can get some fire-looking discing pants on Dude Disc Golf. Pants are not the only thing you get from their store. There are disc golf shoes, disc golf jerseys, disc golf hats, and dude shorts.

I compiled a list of opinions from disc golfers about their favorite pants to wear while discing. For easy scanning, I’ll group the different opinions into sections, and similar opinions will be summarized in sections A to C.

I am sure hearing what people think about their favorite disc golf pants will help you make the best decisions about the best disc golf pants and where to get them.

Also in the opinion groups, you will see different disc golf apparel stores besides the ones featured as Top-rated in this content. You can decide from both sides – People’s Opinion or This Guide’s Opinion.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Group A: The Meticulous Geeks

Most people in this category think you can get away with wearing certain jogging pants, depending on how cold it is. They don’t think expensive pants are necessary because the cheaper pairs can work better for disc golf.

Hiking pants are the ideal disc golf pants for this group of people. However, they find the pants somewhat restricting.
You’ll find most disc golfers in this category support cheap running pants as their second option besides hiking pants.

As for the brands they are likely to patronize for disc golf pants, we have;
Outdoor Research Ferrosi for their Patagonia Terrebonne Joggers
Golf pants and slack by Dick’s Sporting Goods
Duluth Firehose work pants by Duluth trading

You will also observe that all the running pants in these stores have something in common – lightweight, impenetrable, and very affordable.

Group B: The Comfort Seekers

The item of interest for the people in this category is ultimate comfort and style variation.

The model brand here is the Wrangler ATG Pants by Wrangler.

Also great for mountain biking, you can pair the pants with any elastic belt for comfort.

Disc golfers have been loving the ATG Pants. The pants also have a Walmart design, can hold up very well, and are generally priced at $25.

Many people claim that the ATG Pants are just as effective as the Prana Zions, and come with many configurations and fabrics.

Golfers in this group seek to reduce sweat and stickiness, and stay warm while on the course, and to help them achieve this, they opt for pants with a thick base layer.

The Wrangler ATG Pants are known to have a nice merino wool base layer, so they make for the best disc golf pants in this category.

So what are the favorite discing pants for golfers in Group B?

Of course, it is the Wrangler ATG/Outdoor Series Pants.

Group C: The Style Junkies

These people do not care about the cost. They are ready to spend huge chunks of their resources to get the most fashionable pants for their discing adventures. Their focus is on fitted style, and their model pants are the Prana Zion Pants.

If you love their taste, you can get some pranas at a reduced cost when you wait for their Season Sales. When it gets cold, you can always add different thick layers under your Prana Zion Pants.

But be careful when you buy a pair of these Pranas, they could wound up as the only pants you wear, disc golf or not.

Many disc golfers claim that the Prana Zion Pants may seem pricey, but they are worth the investment because they withstand abuse for years.

The Pranas pants come with a roll-up leg feature that is perfect for hot days, especially in areas with tall grass.


Top-rated Online Stores For Disc Golf Pants

1. Dude Disc Golf Apparel

This store is our model because it is one of the clothing lines that has instigated a new evolution in disc golf clothing. So expect a lengthy write-up!

This label knows that every sport has its unique clothing line, and disc golf is not an exception to this reality. As a result, the Brand has sold itself in a way that makes them stand out in the realm of disc golf apparel.

Don’t be misled by the name Dude on the label. The store isn’t for men alone. The Dude Clothing Line has a Ladies’ Collection.

When it comes to discing pants, the DUDE Disc Dacs Disc Golf Pants are what’s trending under the Dude Clothing Label.


Well, I found something to be unusual about the Dacs Collection. And trust me, this unusual is the good kind.

The Disc Dacs from DUDE has a revolutionary custom woven fabric that makes the outfit lightweight and comfortable for the wearer. The fashionable factor is not misplaced in the collection too.

That’s it!

If you think there should be better reasons for the Disc Dacs to be mentioned in this guide, I’d be glad to know what those reasons are.

Outside of that, this is what I think about the Dude Disc Golf Apparel and their latest DUDE Disc Dacs Disc Golf Pants Collection.

2. MVP Disc Golf Apparel

When placing orders for clothes on the MVP Disc Golf Apparel Store, know that price and other details may vary based on product size and color.

From disc golf shoes and disc golf hats to disc golf jerseys and disc golf pants, the MVP Disc Golf Apparel has it all. Lest I forget, you can get a customized disc golf polo too!

3. Legit Disc Golf

This outdoor disc golf brand claims to make its customers look good, feel good, and play well.

At Legit Disc Golf, you can get handpicked discs, fresh new disc golf hats, disc golf apparel, and of course, disc golf pants.

Legit Disc Golf promises to offer disc golfers everything they need to play their best and look their best on the course.

4. Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs is an extensive disc golf label seeking to advance the sport of disc golf. Their goal is for everyone to get out there and become active regardless of age, skill level, or gender.

Thankfully, their vision extends to disc golf apparel. And the Brand’s disc golf pants are a must-have.

Their Disc Store Disc Golf tapered pant is the go-to wear for every round. Made from moisture-wicking 100% polyester material, players can stay cool through-out their rounds.



Disc Golf Pants
Pixabay at Pexels

Any disc golf fanatic will tell you it is an interesting game. No need for clubs, electric carts, caddies, or clubs. You can play by yourself or with your friends.

And of course, there’s no need to wear funny pants. Nothing specific. It’s just you doing your thing with no dramatic rules involved!

For me, I like watching the discs fly through the air. And to get them as far up high as I can, I need all the freedom I can get.

Playing disc golf with the best pants is a surefire way to exercise without restraints and have fun on the course.
Do you agree with me? Drop a comment if you do!






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