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If you stumbled across the mentor-mentee series where we talked about Dave Jacobs Gymnastics, you’ll see that the retired American trampoline gymnast is known for many iconic feats besides being a world renowned athlete.

Born on March 3, 1942, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States, the story of Dave Jacob’s rise to stardom is one you can reckon with. To get the full details about Dave’s feats, check out Dave Jacobs Gymnastics.

That aside, we’ll be looking at a different angle of the retired gymnast today. Together, we will evaluate Dave Jacobs as the Superhuman Athlete!

Impractical Jokers Dave Jacobs 

If you’ve been an ardent follower of Dave’s Jacobs, you may be familiar with his infamous title – Dave Jacobs Superhuman Athlete. Dave Jacobs is an Iconic gymnast, and his legendary performances throughout the years earned him the title of superhuman athlete.

Remember the moment Impractical Jokers became bros with Dave Jacobs?

In the Season 8, Episode 20 of Impractical Jokers titled Irritable Bowel Syndrome which was aired in 10 October, 2019, Dave Jacobs told Brian Quinn that he used to be a Superhuman Athlete.

Apparently, the IJ crew decided they wanted to shoot the episode in a fairway market. Sal, Murr, and Q, were seeking help from customers while trying to bypass security at the grocery store. The episode featured them telling weird stories to diners at a food court.

While Brian Quinn stayed at the grocery store, looking for the perfect person to pull a prank on, Joe Gatto, James Murray, and Sal Vulcano, formed a trio and settled behind the scenes, taking to Q through their microphones.

Read the full conversation below:

Brian: Do you know anything about grapes?
Jacobs: Not a whole lot. Between you and I, I take one and taste it, and if it tastes good, I buy.
Brian: Can you do that? I’m already in trouble here, cause there’s this security guard who hates my guts. Because he’s always pissed at me eating burritos in the store.
Jacobs: (Laughs)
Brian: Um..what is your name, I’m sorry.
Jacobs: Dave Jacobs.
Brian: Uh.. I’m Brian Quinn, very nice to meet you (Shakes hands). If you see the security guard…
Jacobs: Yeah, I’m covered.
Brian: Yeah, just cover me. Just scream out like a code, “I’m not saying she’s a gold digger”! When I hear that, I’m going to run.
Jacobs: (Laughs) Okay.
Brian: Alright, thank you.
James: (calling out) Okay, send in the security guard!
Security guard: How’re you doing sir, things okay over here? How are you doing, are your things okay?
Jacobs: I’m just trying to get a small quantity of grapes.
(Security guard walks away)
Sal: Didn’t even blink, didn’t even say anything, didn’t look at him –
Brian: (walks up to him) Those were good. These are good.
Jacobs: He was just here…talking to me.
Brian: (Pretending not to hear Jacobs) What’s up?
Jacobs: He just was here, talking to me.
Brian: I don’t understand, say the code word. What’s the code word?
(Security guard sights him)
Security guard: Hey! I’ll tell you why you’re not suppose to be here. You’ll get that goddam good outta here! (Chases Brian around the store)
Brian: (Yells) What’s the code word? The gold digger line… saying she’s a gold digger!
The Trio: (Laughing)
Joe: He’s just watching. The guy literally just watched the whole thing in silence as he sampled grapes.
Brian: That’s it! You lost.
Jacobs: I said, in English, he was just here talking to me. How old are you?
Brian: I’m 29. How old are you?
Jacobs: How old do you think I am?
Brian: I would say…57!
Jacobs: You’re only off by 20 years, I’m 77.
Brian: (In disbelief) No way! Get out of here…
James & Sal: Noooo.
Jacobs: Get to YouTube, I’ll show you me on YouTube.
Brian: (Pulls out phone from pocket and shows Dave Jacobs) Really, you’re on YouTube?
Jacobs: I used to be a superhuman athlete.
Joe & Sal: A superhuman athlete?
Jacobs: New York, I worked off Gymnastics.
James: There it is!
Jacobs: Here I am.
Brian: Whoa!
Joe: I’m going in.
Jacobs: I was an Olympian in gymnastics, got three consecutive national championships –
Joe: (Pretending to be a fan. Yells from a distance) Dave Jacobs! Holy cow men! Can I shake your hand? (Shake hands with Jacobs) You’re the superhuman athlete. I’ve seen you in YouTube.
Brian: Holy shit! Is this a put on?
Jacobs: No, I don’t know who he is.
Joe: No I saw you in the New York ah..
Jacobs: No I just explained it to him (Pointing towards Brian)
Joe: No, c’mon, stop pulling my legs.
There were backs and forths in this episode of Impractical Jokers, and the joke was definitely a fail, but I believe we’ve all seen where Dave Jacobs named himself Superhuman Athlete.
At the end of the episode, Dave Jacobs along with the cast of Impractical Jokers had a beautiful group photo together, while they shouted in unison, Dave Jacobs!


Dave Jacobs Superhuman Athlete Net Worth

Dave Jacobs Impractical Jokers
Net worth


As we saw in our mentor-mentee series, Dave Jacobs has an estimated net worth of between $1 to $5 million as at 2022.

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