Who is Danny Maude Golf? Wife, Career, Net Worth (2023)  

Danny Maude is a YouTube Golf Instructor best known by his Channel and website Danny Maude Golf. The golfer first appeared on the YouTube screens in 2011.

Danny has been in the spotlight with his wife in addition to his golf career, sharing golf resources and advice to help new golfers improve their skills. When Danny began including his wife on the screens of his golfing outings, the spotlight beam on his channel once more became brighter.

Not that Danny features his wife in his channel, but rather how he indulges her in his videos, is what’s getting viewers’ attention. With his wife, Danny is acting as the teacher (golf coach), and his wife is the student (golf beginner), in a student-teacher relationship.

How much do you know about the talented golfer? Let’s find out!

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Who is Danny Maude’s wife? 

Danny Maude’s wife is Laura Maude. Laura Maude is of white descent and United Kingdom nationality. Laura Maude is currently married to Danny Maude. The couple is blessed with kids. Laura supports Danny with his channel in different ways. For one, Laura stands as a beginner golfer whom Danny coaches. By letting viewers into her journey, Laura helps beginners improve by going back to basics.

Laura has improved so much since she first made an appearance on Danny Maude Golf in 2020. Many of her supporters want to see her reach the 120 carry distance mark.

Because viewers can see a novice being taught and making progress, Danny’s live lessons with Laura are frequently hailed as the most significant lessons they have seen on his channel. They can see Laura as a beginner golfer in action and the mistakes and corrections attached.

Danny’s lessons featuring Laura Maude are so refreshing and what many golfers can relate to. If you started playing golf later in life just like Laura, you would agree that the experience is like a kiddie in a sweet shop everytime you progressed.

As it’s amazing how difficult golf can be, many fans wonder if Laura has an official handicap, especially because it’s great to see how she progresses.

Danny Maude Career

Danny Maude has been playing golf since his early years. He has always had passion for golf since growing up.

In October 2011, Danny started his golf instructional website under the name Danny Maude. Since the inception of his YouTube channel till date, Danny Maude has had over 129 million views to his golf content.

With 994,000 subscribers fast approaching 1 million on his YouTube, and almost 60K followers on Instagram, Danny has been making waves with his golf content. Maude’s lessons are targeted towards beginner golfers. The star golf instructor is of white ethnicity and United Kingdom nationality. He grew his channel alongside his wife, Laura Maude.

As a beginner golfer without the technical aids to show where you’re going wrong, little things Danny says in his live golf lessons trigger thoughts on what is actually happening in your game.

The format of Maude’s videos, especially his live lessons, is praised for being excellent because he doesn’t forget to include drills and advice on how to improve. The goal of Danny’s drills and tips is to achieve a certain type of swing motions or ideas, but it’s fascinating to see how many different ways amateurs stray from the ‘ideal’ swing plane.

It is true that golf is so hard to teach online but many people have attested to how Danny’s way of conveying information allows them to assimilate information quite alright. Danny Maude is known to simplify things and make it very understandable.

About a year ago, Danny started a golf instruction series with his wife Laura Maude, and there, we saw the brave man attempt to teach his wife. Many fans loved the caring approach Danny took with Laura & how she sought clarification when unsure of what he meant.

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Danny Maude Net Worth

Danny Maude Golf Net Worth
Top 100 Golf


Danny Maude is an UK-based YouTube Golf instructor under the name Danny Maude Golf, renowned for his expert tips and tricks for improving the golf game. Unfortunately, his estimated net worth is not publicly declared. Even though Maude’s net worth isn’t officially stated, he ranks as the 51st most influential person in golf.

In order for golfers to improve their swings and learn the game so they can play their best golf on the course and truly enjoy the game, Danny is the inventor of the Reverse Engineer Method and a proponent of the Catapult Swing.

With close to one million followers across his pages, he is one of the most popular online golf instructors in the world and the Head PGA Professional of Canterbury Golf Club. His golf instruction videos have been watched more than 100 million times and received over 99% positive feedback.

Danny Maude Golf Lesson Reviews 


I love the “ah-ha” moments and makes me realize and remember how powerful they are. I am taking these tips with me to the course today and will focus on these basics. Thank you Danny, and I will be focusing on 120 carry with my 7 iron!


I’ve been doing your latest step drills and swinging a weight drill (I use a kettlebell though) and am starting to feel much more fluid and hitting the ball much better and more consistently in my winter indoor league! Thank you so much! Really amazing how much better my swing feels over trying to hit positions.


Beautiful lesson, Danny. The way you have the exercises serve Laura rather than vice versa strikes me as art. Plus, watching this helped me better understand your other lessons. As clear as your other posts are, something about seeing you work with a beginner makes everything pop. Much appreciated.


The drills are great! I especially appreciate you helping us to make sure we do the drills correctly since we don’t have a live instructor to watch over us. Keep up the good work Laura! Be patient and stick to the drills. There really is no shortcut. I will be subscribing to your range notes!


These lessons with Laura are great! Watching a beginner progress with the same issues we all have faced at one time or another are much more valuable than watching a very accomplished player showing us what they can do. Thanks Danny and Laura.


The step movement combined with the fluidity of the warm up swings, relaxing wrists has really worked for me. 60 year old who has lost some power over the years.


Danny is an excellent instructor, explaining the sensations we should aim to feel and also the logic behind them.

Danny Maude Golf 

On February 5 2022, Danny Maude posted his second live golf lesson featuring his wife, Laura. In the video he helps her hit the ball then the turf with their irons. Caught on camera, Laura gains 30+ yards as she learns how to strike her irons pure. The video garnered over 220,000 views and 6K likes.

Laura has never played golf before. She has dabbled intermittently over the past few years, but family and work obligations have kept her from playing. Watch the entire progression in the video as Laura learns how to increase the speed and strike of her iron shots from understanding to feeling.

Golf swings don’t have to be difficult thanks to the wealth of informative golf instructors on YouTube. In fact, they can occasionally be very simple. If you’re unsure of how to hit the driver straight, for example. How do you hit a driver repeatedly? How should I drive on? Check out the entire video to see if you can learn anything that will improve your golfing.




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