Custom Dyed Disc Golf Discs

Thanks to custom-dyed disc golf discs, we can do whatever we want with our golf discs.

It is not surprising that the number of disc golfers is growing yearly because disc golf is an engaging sports activity.

What’s surprising is, as the population of disc golfers has increased, the number of them concerned about customizing their equipment with disc dyeing has also increased.

This brief report shows that many sports enthusiasts are starting to recognize and appreciate the place of aesthetically-pleasing art in their sports equipment, and disc golfers are not an exception.

Today, disc dyeing artists have begun to receive a remarkable response.

Now, if you are intrigued by the art form like me, you’d be curious about dipping your discs into the dyeing waters.


Custom disc golf discs

Custom dyed disc golf discs are more or less custom disc golf discs, and custom disc golf discs are golf discs that are made to individual specifications.

They could be blank discs of different colors directly from the manufacturer, but the important thing is that they are designed according to someone’s specific requirements.

Usually, a disc golf disc would have lines, texts, and animations inscribed on it to personalize it. However, dyeing is a unique way of customizing golf discs.


Can you dye colored disc golf discs?

Yes. You can dye a colored disc golf disc.
The only difficulty in doing this is that your dye colors will have a contrasting color to go up against and you never know how your newly-dyed disc golf disc will turn out.

For best results, stick to white discs for dyeing disc golf discs, especially if you are a beginner.


Disc golf dye kit

There’s a vast community of disc dyers, and what I have learned from them is that disc dyeing comes with a list of essential materials for the best results.

Now, you don’t need unique skills for drawing or graphic design to dye beautiful disc golf discs.

All you need is the right tools which I have listed below –

  • A pan with a base that can contain a disc. The base of your pan should be between 21 – 22cm in diameter.
  • 250ml bottle of shampoo with a fragrance that you like.
  • 250ml bottle of conditioner
  • 3 bottles of different colors of synthetic dye. They should be 207ml each and must be colors of your choice.
  • 3 plastic syringes
  • 3 metal cups of 5ml in capacity
  • 2 chopsticks
  • 2 bamboo skewers
  • 1 paint brush
  • 2 White opaque premium plastics

You can find these dye kits online on Amazon, Etsy, and in the disc dyeing companies I’ll be listing shortly.


How to make a custom dye disc?

Custom dyed disc golf discs can only be achieved with an anchor/medium.

“In disc dyeing, the general idea is to use a medium. This medium could be glue, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, etc.”

The purpose of a medium is to implant a synthetic dye into the plastic disc. Also, using several layers and vinyl stencils allow for design flexibility and vast possibilities.

Several custom dyed disc golf discs are vibrant and full of unique cell-shaped patterns. Unfortunately, these colorful dye patterns don’t exist by themselves. People create them.

In the vast community of disc dyers, there are many techniques for dyeing disc golf discs, and I want to show you two of them.

Again, the techniques described in this content are just a few of several options. I chose to feature these methods because I think they are simple, straightforward, and affordable.

The first one is called the Shampoo Method. The second one is called the conditioner method.


Here’s how to make custom dyed disc golf discs with the shampoo method –

  • Start by washing the discs. When you clean the discs, you remove dust, oil, or anything that could affect how the dye enters the surface of the plastic.
  • Pour 80ml of shampoo into the pan and ensure it settles in the base of the pan. Swirl the bottle-of-shampoo while pouring it inside the pan to form curls.
  • Infuse 5ml of dye into a syringe and drip it inside the shampoo around the edges to form circular dots.
  • Infuse 5ml of another dye color into another syringe and drip it inside the shampoo to form a smaller circle of dots.
  • Infuse 5ml of the last dye color into a different syringe and drip it inside the remaining spaces of the shampoo where there’s no dye, to form a few dots.
  • Use a bamboo skewer to mix the colors slightly until you are satisfied with the overall look, or draw some horizontal and vertical lines inside the shampoo.
  • Take one of your premium plastic discs and press it in the shampoo facing downwards. Make sure only the top/curved surface of the disc is in the dye, and the back of the disc is visible.
  • Press the disc down carefully and evenly until the dye bubbles over the edges.
  • Leavethe disc in that state for 24 hours. Refrain from touching the disc or adjusting its placement so you don’t mess up the results.
  • Pull out the disc from the pan after 24 hours. By this time, the disc has suctioned into the gue so you have to rinse it off.


Here’s how to make custom dyed disc golf discs with the conditioner method –

  • Repeat the first step with the shampoo method – washing the disc.
  • Swirl 80ml of conditioner into the pan. Swirl the conditioner to form horizontal and vertical lines into the shape of a disc.
  • Use a chopstick to create channels for the dye by drawing lines and making spaces.
  • Infuse 5ml of one dye color into a syringe and drip it inside the dye. Ensure you drip the dye into the spaces you created with the chopstick.
  • Infuse 5ml of another dye into a different syringe and drip it inside the available spaces to form dots.
  • Stick your disc inside the pan-of-dye with the top of the disc facing downwards, and push it down until the dye starts bubbling over the edges.
  • Lay the disc down to sink in properly. You can place some weight on top of that disc to hit the bottom of the pan.
  • Leave the disc inside the pan for 24 hours.
  • Pull out the disc from the pan and rinse off the excess dye that puddles on top of the disc.


Pro tip –

You can use as many dye colors as you want, but don’t use more than 4 dye colors if you want excellent results.

Also, when swirling the shampoo or conditioner, you don’t have to draw only horizontal and vertical lines.

Follow your heart and create patterns you like.


Disc dyeing companies

Disc Golf had exploded during the pandemic and the trend never stopped.

As a result, many disc dyeing companies are scaling up their production and optimistic inventory levels to satisfy their customers.

Here’s a list of companies that offer the best resources for plain premium discs, dyed disc golf discs, and dye kits of different colors and sizes.


1. Disc Golf Swag

The Disc Golf Swag company is known to be the leaders in custom disc golf discs, dyes, dye kits, and accessories.

Disc Golf Swag is paving the way for creating custom disc golf discs with high-resolution detail, as their dyeing methods allow the transfer of images onto dyed plastics.

The company uses a state-of-the-art technique that allows the transfer of images onto plastic discs. Disc Golf Swag collaborates with Prodigy, Innova, MVP, Dynamic Discs, MVP, and other Custom Discs Companies.


2. Beefy Dyes

Founded by Matt Paponetti, a Michigan-born entrepreneur, the company deals in disc golf custom dyes, courses, and supplies.

You can access the Beefy Dyes official website at


3. Dyed Disc Marketplace

With money Back Guarantee and monthly giveaways, you can get hundreds of discs from your favorite artists on the Dyed Disc Marketplace.

You also have the chance of winning a beautiful custom disc when you shop with them.

The Dyed Disc Marketplace has DIY instructions that can help interested persons learn to dye their discs.


4. Stencil Dyes

Most of their works include stencil dyes, tie-dyes, watercolors, and discs. Stencil Dyes get their discs from their primary disc supplier, Adam Hasset, who operates under the company name – Sweet Hat.

Adam Hasset lives in Worcester, Massachusetts. He dyes and creates discs for Stencil Dyes every couple of weeks.

Stencil Dyes also has a team of experts who dye disc golf discs. The company deals in everything golf disc dyes, stencil dyes, and disc dye supplies.


5. The Difference Is Doing It (TDIDI) Disc Golf

This company maintains that their customers can access custom disc dyes, custom stamp designs, discs & minis, apparel, accessories, and DIY dye kits from their official TDIDI website.

The Difference is Doing It was built to help people.

The company also operates under the title of TDIDI Army and seeks to spread the TDIDI Vibe which is raising people.


6. INNOVA Disc Golf

This extensive disc company is a sure bet for custom discs. Innova Disc Golf company maintains that their INNColor Discs are not just for tournaments.

So if you are not interested in bulk disc orders or you want to add full-color images to your dyed discs, consider INNColor custom discs.

The Innova Disc Golf company also offers a broad selection of disc models, weights, and plastics. Now, customers can select from different disc colors.

From metallic rainbow and mix and match colors to black and opaque white disc colors, Innova has all of it.
You can access their website at


7. UDisc, LLC

Co-founded by Matt Krueger and Josh Lichti, two computer engineers who bonded over coursework and disc golf at Iowa State University, the company stands as a resource hub for Disc Golf disc dyeing materials, courses, and gear.

You can access the UDisc official website at


8. Custom Disc Golf Dyes

This company has a store on eBay.

In the Custom Disc Golf Dyes store, you can access disc golf stock stencils, custom disc golf dye, custom vinyl and custom vinyl stencils, and many other custom disc supplies.


9. Huk Lab

Huk Lab has a broad collection of hand-dyed disc models from many manufacturers.

Their custom disc dye collection is called Trifly Dyes. The TriFly emblem spans several locations.

So if you would want to send discs to be dyed from time to time, you can schedule custom dye lots every week with Trifly Dyes.

Huk Lab seeks to contribute in building the sport of disc golf by making unique graphic apparel and gear available to disc golfers worldwide.


Dyed disc golf discs

Maybe you need some inspiration to dye your discs, or you don’t want to dye your disc golf discs by yourself.

Here are some already dyed disc golf discs you can check out:


The MVP Eclipse Glow Reactor

This piece weighs 175g and is priced at $39.00. If you are a fan of space and all its wonders, you’ll certainly love this piece. The MVP Eclipse Glow Reactor is sold by MVP Discs and is accessible on Disc Dyeing Marketplace.


Latitude 64 Pearl

The Latitude 64 pearl dyed disc golf disc is sold by EM Dips on Dyed Disc Marketplace.

There is this feeling to the Latitude 64 Pearl. The disc is dyed but doesn’t look dyed.

The overall appearance of the piece is just unique to behold. You’ll only understand what I’m saying when you get your hands on it.

Priced at $34.99, the Latitude 64 Pearl is undoubtedly affordable.


Discraft Raptor

With a multi-color sparkle and a seamless finish, the Discraft Raptor is priced at $50, and it is not hard to see the reason for this price tag.

Accessible on the Chainbangers website, you can pay for the Discraft Raptor in 4 interest-free installments of $12.50.


TriFly Dye | 2022 Juliana Korver Halo Roadrunner

The dyed disc golf disc on Trifly Dyes are hand-dyed models from several manufacturers, so don’t expect any average disc from them.

Same goes for the TriFly Dye | 2022 Juliana Korver Halo Roadrunner by Innova, priced at $79.00.

Also, note that this collection is limited in number. Don’t hesitate to book one down before they are all gone.

This dyed disc golf disc is accessible on Huklab.



Custom dyed disc golf discs
jatocreate / Pixabay

The all-inclusive world of disc dyeing is noteworthy when you dig into it.

There are so many talented disc golf Disc dyers in the world creating excellent works of art.

I bet you know that custom dyed disc golf discs are becoming a trend. That explains why you stumbled upon this content.

This content is one disc dyeing resource that will help you, so feel free to scan through the article once again if you have to.


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