Custom Disc Golf Stencils

Custom disc golf stencils are personalized discs that have undergone the hot-dip stencil process.

Custom disc golf stencils
GDJ / Pixabay

You can think of stencils as the base of whatever pattern you want on your disc golf disc. 

Many disc artists use stencils to put logos onto disc golf discs using the hot-dip stencil technique.

Also, many people maintain that the hot-dip stencil method of disc dyes is one of the easiest methods to use.

If you ask me, I’d say it is not hard to understand why they think this way.
After all, the hot-dip stencil method for dyeing disc golf discs is pretty straightforward.

Nonetheless, some factors determine the success rates. Factors like disc ratio, dye type, disc type, etc.

Typically, stencils are applied to discs before the dyeing process to prevent a section of the flight plate from absorbing the dye.

When customizing your disc golf disc with dye, make sure you print your stencil on clear vinyl so you can easily center your design.

When you have finished dyeing, take off the stencil and showcase your design!

At this juncture, I’ll refrain from spilling all the beans!

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Disc Golf Stencil Size

The size of custom disc golf stencils is typically 6.5 × 6.5 inches whether it has a round or rectangular design.

This is because, the size of the diameter of your stencil design should be equivalent to the size of your disc, if not less.

So if you want the the stencil image to be the same diameter of the disc, edit the document/image to 21.2cm × 21.2 cm.

It is crucial to know the disc golf stencil size you want before heading out to purchase one.

Dye stencils indeed let you add a ton of unique designs to your discs. However, as each disc golf stencil is machine-cut from quality vinyl paper, the sizes are classified to serve different purposes.

One of these purposes is to ensure good adhesion.


What’s All The Fuss About The Huk Lab Stencil?

The Huk Lab Stencil is turning heads because it promotes the Do It Yourself (DIY) craze in disc golf discs.

We all know that a stencil lets you dye disc golf discs, but the Huk Lab Stencil isn’t just any stencil.

The Huk Lab Stencil allows you to dye any disc. Notice the difference? Emphasis on ‘any disc’.

So here’s what you get with the Huk Lab Stencil –

  • You can position the artwork how you want it to be.
  • Save some extra bucks when you dye in large quantities with your family and friends.
  • Save more time trimming, tracing, or cutting.
  • Getstencils made from only high-quality vinyl to preserve your artwork.
  • Huk Lab Stencils don’t encourage impossible expectations because you are doing the stencil dyeing by yourself.


Best Stencil For Disc Golf

Is there a best stencil for disc golf? What I mean is, that what is best for you should be defined by you.

Don’t you think so?

Either way, in the world of disc golf stencils, we have the high-quality and the low-quality. The high-quality disc golf stencils fit into the category of ‘best’.

See these few worthy mentions –


The Old Gas Mask

Do you want a stencil to prevent bleeding during the dyeing and take-down process? If you do, don’t overlook the Old Gas Mask.
With this Disc Golf Custom Dye Stencil, you can dye any disc you want whether it is new or old. Priced at $12, be rest assured that the Old Gas Mask stencil will not disappoint.


Disc Golf Custom Dye Stencil – Mark It Zero (2 Pack)

Priced at $19, the Mark It Zero Stencil will let you save money while you dye in bulk with your pals. Several users of the Mark It Zero Stencil have verified the claim of the disc golf stencil can prevent bleeding.


Disc Golf Custom Dye Stencil – Big Ying Yang (2 Pack)

The Big Ying Yang Stencil goes for $9 and is known to bring positive feedback as it doesn’t stick or cause bleeding.


Game over custom disc stencil at Stom Disc Golf Dyes

This custom disc stencil is accessible on eBay and ranges between$5 & $20 for its setup fee, making it a good deal.

At Stom Disc Golf Dyes, Per Stencil Charge ranges between $3 – $15. This is the amount it’d cost to make your stencil.


Is A Disc Golf Basket Stencil Worth it?

Yes. A disc golf basket stencil is worth it.

If you want to expand your disc golf disc designs with more creativity, a disc golf basket stencil will do the job.

At Kidadl, you can find many free printable disc golf basket stencils.


How To Print On Disc Golf Discs

This section of the article will show you how to print on disc golf discs.

First, you’ll need the following things –
  • A craft knife
  • Vinyl
  • Cotton ball
  • Acetone
  • Painter’s tape
  • Dye
Now that you know what you’ll need, let’s see the technique used to print on a basic disc golf disc –
  • Take your already dyed disc golf disc and place it on a board/ any flat surface
  • If your disc golf disc already has a logo, dip your cotton ball into some acetone and carefully wipe the logo off the disc golf disc
  • Stick your disc golf disc to the board with a cello tape
  • Lay your stencils flat onto a flat surface
  • Pin down your stencil with some cellophane
  • Use your carve knife to carve out the features of the animation/image. Features such as the face, shoes, flowers behind them, etc.
  • Take out the blank sheet where you carved out the stencil from.
  • Stick your vinyl to the board with cello tape. Also, add cello tapes to the specific features of the carved-out animation. By this time, you start to see reflections of the animations you just carved out.
  • Stick some cello tapes in the center of your vinyl.
  • Place the front of the disc golf disc at the center of the vinyl and wrap the back with the remaining edges of the vinyl so it looks like the disc golf disc is packaged in gift wrapping paper.
  • Gently remove the cello tapes in the center of your paper to reveal traces of the animation.
  • Usey carve knife to cut out every trace of the animation’s reflection to reveal the same animation on your stencil.
  • Mix 20cl of dye in a bowl.
  • Placethe top of your wrapped disc golf disc in the dye, with the back of the disc golf disc visible outside the water.
  • Leave your disc golf disc in the dye for 24 hours and rinse off the excesses after.



Custom disc golf stencils
geralt / Pixabay

With custom disc golf stencils, the job of disc dye artists have become much more easier.

You would agree with me when I say the disc golf stencils options out there are close to limitless.


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