Courtney Ann Golfer

Throwback to June 2020, where we saw Golf Babe Courtney Ann lighting up Instagram with her outfits which were fire by the way!

The female golfer created an Instagram account not long after her debut, and according to her, her golf social accounts are designed to help golf enthusiasts play better golf and enjoy their game of golf more.


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Courtney Ann Golf – Her Statement

“I also want to help you improve your golf game by offering coaching videos on a variety of golf-related topics, including how to correct your slice and hook, make your drives longer, hit your irons more consistently, get them closer to the hole, and learn how to pull and fade your shots.”


Courtney Ann Golf – Channel Target

Courtney ann golf
Golf Babe

“I also create humorous and enjoyable golf content for this channel using bizarre and occasionally “gimmicky” golf clubs. I try to break through product marketing fluff and tell you the real story about golf equipment. If you like the channel, be sure to subscribe and click the bell notification so you’ll always be informed when I upload a new video.”


Cover Image Via Instagram


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