Corner Stores Open Near Me (2023)

Corner stores are small retail shops located in residential neighborhoods that offer a variety of products, ranging from food and household items to tobacco products and lottery tickets. They are typically independently owned and operated by local business owners and are often the go-to spot for quick convenience items.

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- Corner stores open near me

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Why corner stores matter

Corner stores matter for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, they offer convenience to local residents who may not have access to larger supermarkets or grocery stores. This is especially important for individuals who may not have reliable transportation or may not be physically able to travel far distances.

Corner stores also play an essential role in supporting local economies. They create jobs for residents in the community and provide a steady stream of income for the business owners. Additionally, they often source their products from local suppliers, which helps to support other small businesses in the area.

Finally, corner stores serve as community gathering places. They are often a common meeting ground for locals to socialize, catch up on local news, and share information about community events.

How to find a corner store open near me?

To find a corner store open near you, several options are available. You can use internet search engines such as Google, type in ‘corner stores near me’ or ‘convenience stores near me’ in the search engine, and you will find a list of the nearest stores.

Another option is to use mobile apps specifically designed for discovering nearby stores, such as Yelp, Foursquare, or GasBuddy. Many of these apps offer reviews and ratings for stores, making it easier to make informed decisions regarding where to shop.

Corner stores open near me 

Here are a few corner stores that are open in various parts of the US:

1. 7 Eleven

7 Eleven is a popular corner store chain in the United States that was founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1927. Today, over 9,000 7 Eleven stores are operational in the US. The 7 Eleven stores are open 24/7 and offer a wide range of products such as beverages, snacks, cigarettes, magazines, and household items. In addition to this, 7 Eleven also offers hot food items such as pizza and wings. Customers can pay for their purchases using cash, debit cards, credit cards, and mobile payments.

2. Wawa

The chain started in 1964 as a dairy farm and has now grown to over 800 locations in the US. Wawa stores are open 24 hours a day and offer a wide array of food items, including coffee, breakfast sandwiches, hoagies, and baked goods. The stores also sell gasoline and other convenience items such as tobacco products, lottery tickets, and soft drinks.

3. Circle K

Circle K is a chain of convenience stores that was first established in El Paso, Texas, in 1951. The brand has expanded to over 8,000 stores worldwide, with over 2,000 stores located in the US. Circle K offers visitors with a variety of products, including fresh food items, soft drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, and snacks. Circle K also has a general store with products such as batteries, fishing gear, and small appliances. Additionally, customers can also purchase gift cards, prepaid credit cards, and lottery tickets.

4. Quickie’s Convenience Store

Quickie’s Convenience Store is a Canadian-based chain of convenience stores that has expanded across the border to the US. The chain was started in 1973 and has grown to over 140 stores across Eastern Ontario and Quebec. The store offers a variety of products, including snacks, soft drinks, tobacco products, and hot food items. The store also sells lottery tickets, clothing, phone cards, and gift cards.

5. Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms is a family-owned chain of convenience stores with over 600 stores located across eight northeastern states in the US. Cumberland Farms was established in 1939 and has been serving its customers for over 80 years. The store primarily focuses on products that include coffee, ice cream, and snacks, among others. Cumberland Farms also sells gas and provides amenities like ATMs.

6. QuikTrip

QuikTrip is a chain of convenience stores located primarily in the Southern and Midwestern regions of the US. The first QuikTrip store was started in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1958. Today, there are over 850 QuikTrip locations in the US that offer a broad array of products, including fresh food items, soft drinks, coffee, and tobacco products. Additionally, customers can get gas from QuikTrip gas stations or take advantage of the ATM services available in their stores.

7. Mobil

Mobil is an American-based oil and gas company that is also a convenience store chain provider. The convenience stores under Mobil are typically located at Mobil gas stations. The stores offer a variety of items that include soft drinks, snacks, and tobacco products. Mobil offers customers the Mobil Rewards Plus program that provides premium benefits for those who sign up for their membership.

8. Speedway

Speedway is a chain of convenience stores spread across the Midwest and East Coast regions of the United States. The convenience stores offer a range of items like soft beverages, cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, and snacks. Speedway also sells gasoline and provides services like ATMs, lottery tickets, and traveler check cashing.

9. BP

BP is a global energy company that operates a convenience store chain with nearly 7,200 stores worldwide. BP convenience stores offer various products like coffee, snacks, soft drinks, beer, and wine. BP also provides a loyalty program known as BPme Rewards that rewards customers with cents off for gas purchases.

10. Marathon Petroleum

Marathon Petroleum is a large North American-based chain of convenience stores with over 4,000 locations across the US. The company offers a range of products that include snacks, beverages, beer, tobacco products, and lottery tickets. Marathon also sells gasoline and offers the use of ATMs inside their stores. Additionally, customers can take advantage of the Marathon Rewards program, which provides exclusive rewards for gas purchases.


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