Coach Keith Roberts Golf 

In respect to the mentor-mentee series, BranchStuff Sports presents to you, “Coach Keith Roberts Golf”.

Father, grandfather, and golf instructor Keith Roberts offers everything from pitching instruction, video swing analysis, virtual golf lessons, coaching for the film and television industries, and tuition for beginning and expert players. He also offers full swing and chipping instruction.

Offering first-rate service to the golfing community is something Keith Roberts Golf is happy to do. His clients enjoy dealing with him, and many of them come back to him time and time again.

Keith provides location scouting and consultancy services in addition to coaching for film, television, and commercial projects. The Swingdoctor enjoys playing golf with his family. Sheldon and Ashton, Keith’s kids, assist their father in maintaining his customers’ physical readiness for play.

For golfers especially, they have created a set of workouts. Packages of five or seven lessons are available at Coach Keith Roberts Golf.

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Keith Roberts Life And Career 


For more than 15 years, Keith Roberts, popularly known as The Swingdoctor, has dominated the golf industry. His pupils range in age from little children to people who are over 90 and come from all walks of life! He instructs famous people including Salli Richardson, Anthony Anderson, Michael Reagan, the late Jim Brown, Steve Harvey, and Michael Ross, the author of the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet.

Keith has also worked on celebrity golf events that have raised money for The AbilityFirst Foundation and Steve Harvey’s Foundation for Education of Underprivileged Youth. For her Sickle Cell Foundation, Kiki Shepard was also contacted by Keith.


Keith provides standard golf instruction in addition to acting, television, and movie talent that need to seem to be proficient golfers. One of these clients was Jennifer Hudson, who Keith helped get ready for her part in the Adam Sandler Netflix movie Sandy Wexler.

In preparation for the US Kids Junior National Championship in Pinehurst, North Carolina, Keith coaches and travels with Top Junior Golfer. Keith established the Pre-COVID Junior Golf Summer Camp for kids of all socioeconomic levels.

Due to the pandemic, in addition to providing in-person instruction and consultations, the Swingdoctor is now able to instruct anybody with internet connection anywhere in the globe via virtual classes.

Coach Keith Roberts Golf | About Keith Roberts 

Keith Roberts is a golf guru known throughout the globe as The Swingdoctor. He is renowned at home for being a father and grandfather. He introduced his kids and grandchildren to his passion for golf. The Roberts family is a fit group. Ashton and Sheldon, Keith’s kids, are personal trainers. Keith wants to play golf with his kids as soon as feasible.

What Virtual Instruction is Covered by Coach Keith Roberts Golf

Coach Keith Roberts Golf
Keith Roberts, BranchStuff

The Swingdoctor offers video swing analysis if you need a coach to assess your swing. Virtual classes are now offered as well because of the pandemic experience. The world can benefit from Keith’s professional counsel.

  • Conditioning for Sports

The fitness professionals Ashton and Sheldon, who are Keith’s sons, have expertise designing routines exclusively for golfers. Sheldon and Ashton are also readily accessible to work with students one-on-one, in addition to Keith consulting with his sons to assist his pupils.

  • Consulting

If you need to sound like a golfer or appear like you can score a hole in one for a movie, television show, commercial, or business project, Keith offers consultations to get you ready. In the event that you’re looking for the ideal golf course for your project, Keith additionally acts as a location scout.

  • Driving Range

Coach Keith Roberts lessons including driving range and how to help you make the mark as a pro golfer.


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