Bryan Bros Golf: Ages, Handicap, Bio & Career, Wife, Net Worth


The Bryan Bros Golf, a popular YouTube channel known for their incredible golf trick-shot videos, has garnered a massive following and a significant amount of attention in recent years with over 280K subscribers and more than 30 million watch views. The name “Bryan Bros” is not just a catchy nickname; it refers to the fact that Bryan and his brother George are, in fact, brothers who started the channel together.

The brainchild behind the Bryan Bros Golf is Donald Wesley Bryan, widely known as Wesley Bryan. Wesley was born on March 26, 1990, in the United States. His passion for golf started at an early age, and he has since honed his skills to become an accomplished professional golfer who currently plays on the prestigious PGA Tour.

Bryan Bros Bio & Early Life

Bryan Bros Golf Age, Handicap, Height, Wesley  

Before Wesley ventured into the world of professional golf, he attended Dutch Fork High School in Irmo, South Carolina. It was during his time in high school that he displayed immense talent and potential in the sport. After graduating, Wesley took his game to the next level by playing college golf at the University of South Carolina. During his time there, he managed to secure victory in two events, further solidifying his status as a promising golfer. Many sources put forth George’s start with golf as not having the intention of going pro from the onset.

Following his collegiate success, Wesley decided it was time to take on the challenges of the professional golfing world. Starting from scratch, he played on various mini-tours to gain valuable experience and refine his skills. It wasn’t an easy journey, but Wesley’s dedication and perseverance allowed him to elevate his game and catch the attention of the golfing world.

In a breakthrough moment for Wesley, he managed to secure his Tour card for the 2016 season. This significant achievement came after finishing in a commendable T-9 position at qualifying school, showcasing his potential and talent to the golfing community.

Wesley’s career continued to gather momentum, and he made his presence felt on the big stage, the PGA Tour. In 2017, he secured his first victory on the PGA Tour at the RBC Heritage. This victory not only marked a significant milestone in his career but also solidified his position as one of the rising stars in golf.

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Bryan Bros Professional Golf Career

Bryan Bros George Age Handicap

Beyond his professional success, Wesley’s collaboration with his brother George on the Bryan Bros Golf YouTube channel has propelled him into the realm of social media stardom. The channel showcases their incredible trick shots, which have left viewers awe-inspired. Their creativity and skill have amassed a massive following, making them one of the most popular golfing duos on the internet.

Bryan Bros Handicap 

One aspect that many fans and followers may be curious about is the Bryan Bros’ handicap. Although official handicap information is not widely publicized, it is evident from their impressive displays of talent that their handicap would be exceptionally low. Their ability to execute intricate and challenging trick shots requires immense skill and precision, indicating a level of proficiency that surpasses that of recreational golfers.

Bryan Bros Wife/ Girlfriend?

Wesley Bryan tied the knot with Elizabeth Gray back in 2012. Together, they are proud parents to two lovely daughters named Hadley and Winnie.

Bryan Bros Net Worth & YouTube Channel 

Regarding their financial status, Wesley Bryan has an approximate net worth of $5 million, whereas George Bryan has an estimated net worth of $2 million. When it comes to assessing the net worth of the Bryan Bros, it is important to consider that a significant portion of their income stems from multiple sources, including tournament winnings, sponsorships, and revenue from their YouTube channel.

Estimating their precise net worth can be challenging, as these figures fluctuate based on various factors. However, given their successes on the PGA Tour and their extensive YouTube following, it is safe to assume that their net worth is substantial.

Bryan Bros Golf Ages 

In terms of George and Wesley Bryan’s ages, Wesley Bryan is 33 years as of 2023, while George Bryan is 35 years old. November 2023 witnessed George making his PGA TOUR debut. Nevertheless, the specific ages of the Bryan Bros may not be as important as their shared passion for golf and their undeniable talent in the sport.


In conclusion, the Bryan Bros Golf has undoubtedly made a name for themselves in the golfing and social media worlds. With their impressive trick-shot videos and professional achievements, George and Wesley Bryan have captured the hearts of golf enthusiasts around the globe. Their journey from a YouTube channel to becoming respected professional golfers is a testament to their talent, dedication, and unwavering love for the sport. As they continue to showcase their skills and entertain their massive following, it’s safe to say that the Bryan Bros have already secured their place in golfing history.