Best YouTube Golf Videos This 2023

“Scan through this page for the best YouTube golf instructional videos and the channel to find them.”

Why Is It Called The Best YouTube Golf Videos?

The Best YouTube Golf Videos” might be a subjective term, but it’s often used to refer to videos that are considered high-quality, informative, entertaining, or a combination of all three.

These videos might showcase amazing golf shots, provide tips and tricks to improve your game, explore the latest golf equipment, feature famous professional golfers, or simply capture the beauty and excitement of the sport of golf.

The term “best” can vary depending on personal preferences, but many people might use it to describe videos that are well-produced, engaging, and offer unique perspectives on golf, such as the ones you’ll be seeing in this content shortly!

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List Of The Best Youtube Golf Videos

Here are some of the best YouTube golf videos that you may enjoy:

1. The Masters – Augusta National Golf Club: This video showcases the stunning beauty of Augusta National Golf Club and the history of the Masters tournament.

2. Tiger Woods – His Great Golf Shots: This video features some of Tiger Woods’ most impressive golf shots throughout his career.

3. Rory McIlroy – Golf Swing Analysis: This video breaks down Rory McIlroy’s golf swing and provides insight into what makes him one of the best golfers in the world.

4. Golf Digest: How to Hit Every Shot: This video series from Golf Digest provides tips and instruction on how to improve your golf game.

5. Rick Shiels Golf: This YouTube channel features a variety of golf-related content, including equipment reviews, swing analysis, and golf course vlogs.

6. Golf Channel: This YouTube channel features highlights and a analysis from professional golf tournaments around the world.

7. Skratch TV: This YouTube channel produces entertaining and informative golf-related content, including trick shots, course vlogs, and interviews with pro golfers.

8. Me and My Golf: This YouTube channel provides golfers with instructional videos on how to improve their swing, putting, and overall game.

9. PGA TOUR: This YouTube channel features highlights from PGA TOUR events, as well as interviews with pro golfers and instructional videos.

10. Golficity: This YouTube channel provides golfers with tips and instruction on how to improve their game, as well as golf course vlogs and equipment reviews.

11. Good Good Golf – The first team match of the Good Good cup: This YouTube Channel has garnered 1 million plus subscribers just 4 years since it’s launch. Good Good is a group of friends who golf for fun and play tournaments with different golfers, including pro golfers from the PGA.

How To Find The Best YouTube Golf Videos?

There are many ways to find the best YouTube golf videos, here are a few suggestions:

Use the YouTube search bar and type in specific keywords related to golf, such as “best golf tips”, “golf swing analysis”, or “pro golf highlights”. This will bring up many videos related to golf that you can watch.

Look for channels dedicated to golf. There are many YouTubers who specialize in creating golf content, such as Me and My Golf, Rick Shiels Golf, and Golf Digest. You can subscribe to their channels and receive notifications whenever they upload new videos.

Check out playlists curated by other golf enthusiasts. Many people create playlists of their favorite golf videos, so you can browse through these playlists and discover new content.

Ask for recommendations from other golfers. You can join golfing communities on social media platforms and ask for recommendations on the best YouTube golf videos in these groups.

By following these tips, you should be able to find the best YouTube golf videos that will help you improve your game or just provide entertainment.

What To Expect From The Best YouTube Golf Channels 

Best YouTube Golf Videos
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The best YouTube golf videos can offer a wide range of insights into the sport, including golf tips, technique demonstrations, reviews of golf equipment, pro golfer interviews, coverage of golf tournaments, and more.

Some of the things you can expect from the best YouTube golf channels include:

  • High-quality video production that captures the beauty and complexity of the sport
  • Expert commentary and analysis from experienced golfers and coaches
  • Clear explanations of golf techniques and strategies
  • Demonstrations of drills and exercises to improve your golf game
  • Trending golf gear and technology reviews
  • Interviews with pro golfers and other notable figures in the golf world
  • Coverage of major golf tournaments and events
  • Entertainment and humor that adds to the enjoyment of watching and learning about golf.

Overall, the best YouTube golf videos should be informative, engaging, and entertaining, providing a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for golfers of all levels.


Can You Learn To Play Golf By Watching YouTube Golf Instruction Videos?

While watching golf videos on YouTube can certainly provide valuable tips and techniques, it’s unlikely that you’d be able to master the game of golf solely through online videos, you have to actually practice what you’re watching!

Overall, golf is a complex sport that requires a great deal of physical skill, muscle memory, and practice, and being able to receive feedback and guidance from a professional coach or experienced player is often necessary for improvement.

However, watching golf videos can be a helpful supplement to your golf education and may provide some useful insights that you can apply to your game.