The Best Disc Golf Shoes | 2023 & Retro

There isn’t a single, clear response to the question of what the best shoes are in the world of fashion, but there might be in sports, especially disc golf! Of course, your personal preferences and playing style will influence which disc golf shoes you choose. However, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour footwear are some of the best for disc golfing.

In this guide, we’ll take a sneak peak into a few of the best shoes for disc golf. The majority of the shoes were put to use and tested on real disc golf courses. This review is easy to skim through and gives every disc golfer the essential details they require when choosing the right shoes.

You can find a more detailed review here, but this guide cuts to the chase!

Why You Need The Best Disc Golf Shoes

You need the best disc golf shoes to play the best and look great while at it! Even though the popularity of disc golf has grown over time, it still isn’t as widespread as other major sports for which shoes have been custom-made by shoe manufacturers.

Finding the best shoes for disc golf in other related activities like running and hiking is essential for every disc golfer. The search for the ideal shoe for disc golf is not, however, a problem shared by all disc golf players.

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Important Considerations in Finding The Best Disc Golf Shoes For You!

When choosing a pair of disc golf shoes, it’s crucial to take your foot size and foot type into account because not every pair of shoes will fit every person. Additionally, it’s crucial to try on a wide range of footwear options to find the pair that best suits your particular playing style. There are many hinges here and there when selecting the best disc golf shoes, such as:

1. Comfort: Opt for cushion and comfort in your footwear, especially when you’ll be using it for sporty calls. Because disc golf requires a lot of walking and standing, you should wear footwear that won’t irritate your feet or cause blisters.

2. Traction: You need shoes with good traction because disc golf courses can be wet and slippery. You don’t wanna be the one out of the group slipping and falling.

3. Robustness: Disc golf shoes must be able to withstand the abuse of playing in various terrains and climates.

4. Breathability: To keep your feet cool and dry in hot, muggy weather, look for footwear with good ventilation.

5. Style: Although it’s not the most crucial aspect, many disc golfers favor footwear that complements their individual style and looks good.

Adidas, Nike, and Salomon are a few well-known manufacturers of disc golf shoes. To get a sense of how the shoes perform on the course, it’s also a good idea to read reviews from other disc golfers.

What Are The Best Disc Golf Shoes?

Although we acknowledge that you are the end user with individual tastes and opinions, but these shoes are the most well-liked and highly regarded among disc golfers:

1. Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX: These shoes have excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, are waterproof, and are sturdy.

2. Salomon Speedcross 4: These shoes are breathable, cozy, and have a strong grip that aids in maintaining balance while running.

3. Merrell Moab Edge 2 shoes: These footwear feature a breathable mesh upper, soft cushioning, and a tough outsole that offers superior traction.

4. Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour: Designed for disc golfers who prefer a more conventional golf shoe style, these shoes have a comfortable fit, good traction, and a fashionable appearance.

5. Keen Targhee III Waterproof: These shoes have a long lifespan, are sturdy, and offer great support and traction on rocky terrain.


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The ideal disc golf shoes for you will eventually rely on your personal preferences and game. Before making a purchase, it’s important to try on a variety of shoes and take into account aspects like comfort, sturdiness, and traction.


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