Are Ethan Maddox Golf Gloves Any Good?

Want to see some Ethan Maddox golf reviews?

Maybe you saw some affordable nice-looking gloves on some ads for the Ethan Maddox closing sale, and you want to know how well the gloves hold up and their sizing. Or you want to know whether these Ethan Maddox golf gloves are any good. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Ethan Maddox golf doesn’t cover only golf gloves. There are golf clubs, golf apparel, and golf equipment.
The sale launched a year ago and has recorded massive sales. The Brand still records impressive sales from golf clothing and accessories.

Good choice if you are here to see the sales progress of Ethan Maddox resources, how much the gloves and apparel have helped users, or what to expect when you buy some accessories from the Maddox Golf Brand. A few reviews from some Ethan Maddox Customers will help you make proud and quick decisions.

But before we dive in, let’s learn a bit about the person behind the Ethan Maddox Golf Brand – Ethan Maddox.

Who’s behind the Ethan Maddox Golf?

are ethan maddox golf gloves any good
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Ethan Maddox is the person behind the brand called Ethan Maddox. Originally from Central Missouri, Ethan has lived in the city of Kansas for nearly a quarter of his life. Maddox and his wife Heather reside in Olathe.

He has a background in power marketing and engineering, but he has loved golf all his life. Ethan still enjoys playing golf with his friends and he engages in a few competitive golf functions every year.

In an interview with Nathan Sprague from CityLifestyle, Nathan asked Ethan to say a little about himself. Ethan said he always played competitive golf while growing up, and was extremely disappointed at the poor options for golf apparel.

He said he was never satisfied wearing double-pleated cotton shorts. Thankfully, his awesomely talented mother would shop for pairs of his favorite suit pants at local department stores. He said she would cut his suit pants into shorts at the length he desired to achieve the look he wanted.

According to Ethan, the Ethan Maddox Golf apparel and accessories were conceived from his desire to create his brand of better-fitting golf apparel.

Ethan launched the brand in 2016 with casual golf-themed apparel. He said he decided to develop his unofficial label of shorts and polo shirts after his encounter with Kerry Duffin at The Garment Factory, KC. The two men have joined forces to develop products since then.


Does the Ethan Maddox Brand Still Exist?

Recent claims have forced us to believe the company doesn’t exist anymore. However, many online stores and clothing hubs still resell Ethan Maddox Golf Resources.

Nevertheless, I’ll advise prospective buyers to make research on online stores that market Ethan Maddox products, because recent findings have shown that, Fraudsters have begun to impersonate the Ethan Maddox Brand.

Scammers are taking advantage of the company’s brief absence from the online space to dupe people. That’s why you need to be well informed about the status of the Ethan Maddox brand.

Well, here’s what I’ve got:

In an interview with The Exchange Marketplace about the Ethan Maddox Brand, Ethan said he started the business because of his experience in SEO, website development, social media-driven traffic, and of course, his love for golf and golf fashion.

He said he always desired to combine his passion for golf and his knowledge of internet marketing to develop an eCommerce company.

But when asked his thoughts about the future of his company, Ethan said he plans to sell his business. He said the reason for his decision is that he is involved in a startup that takes most of his time, and he does not have the time or resources to keep on developing and marketing new products.


Are Ethan Maddox Golf Gloves Any Good?

The Ethan Maddox brand has many distinguishing features.

For one, the Brand is one of the few labels known to manufacture their apparel in the United States. They take pleasure in manufacturing their products from scratch. All components of the Ethan Maddox apparel come from within the United States.

The label also claims to use only the highest-quality, state-of-the-art fabrics. According to them, because their apparel is for the golf course, they use only cool, comfortable, and attractive fabric that promotes the adequate range of motion needed to execute precise shots.

The brand’s key focus is on the design process, and as a result, good fitting is paramount to them. From golf gloves and Golf holders to Golf clubs and Golf apparel, the Ethan Maddox Golf Brand gives athletic cuts that are slimmer than conventional fits.

The label promised to offer one-time and full-on customers free shipping and free returns. Well, we are about to find how well they kept to that promise with the many Ethan Maddox golf reviews below.

But mind you, Ethan Maddox Golf Reviews has its focus on Golf Gloves instead of Golf Apparel. I discovered that the Ethan Maddox Golf Gloves trend more than the apparel and other resources, so don’t be surprised if the only comments you see in the reviews below focus on the gloves.


Are Ethan Maddox Golf Gloves Any Good? | Ethan Maddox Golf Reviews

1. An anonymous customer says he ordered a 3-pack on a whim but got tripped up on an add-on sale that was the wrong size so he had to cancel the entire order.

He said the customer service was prompt to refund the order, and he was impressed. Well, I think that’s a good start.

2. SR Sargeant from Oklahoma says he ordered some gloves in April, but the items were never shipped. He said he got lots of promises which never came, so he had to cancel in June and asked for a refund.

Sargeant thinks the Ethan Maddox brand is a total scam, but I believe his case was an unlucky one – trusting the wrong people. It certainly could have been scammers who posed as the real brand, because I know the Ethan Maddox Label exists. At least it did!

3. Another anonymous customer says the bionic gloves are a stable grip golf glove but if anyone’s not cool with it, they can always get their money back.

He claims the bionic gloves fit like a second skin and there are over 10 color choices to complement any golf tournament outfit for stylish golfers.

4. An anonymous customer says the Ethan Maddox specialty golf gloves designed to keep your hands warm in cold weather don’t do what the Brand claims, but they’re a good fit.

5. John Cardwell says he ordered about $85 worth of gloves in mid-March, and he kept exchanging emails with customer service about the status of his order.

He said something felt wrong because of the BS in their emails. He said he later called his credit card company and received credit. But he was told the Ethan Maddox company no longer exists online. I guess this review confirms the status of the Ethan Maddox label.

6. An anonymous customer says she ordered golf holders and balls for her boys, and the package was delivered as expected. She also said she got the happy medium she needed.

7. Steve kailher says it took forever for him to get his gloves, as he had a bumpy ride with the customer service, but he did get the gloves, and they were superior quality.

He says the customer service and shipping sucked, but when he got the product, he forgot about all the hassles for a moment. Now, this is honest feedback.


Are Ethan Maddox Golf Gloves Any Good? | The Takeout

From all these reviews and several others I’ve scanned through from many Ethan Maddox Golf Review Sites, it is clear that the Ethan Maddox golf products are worth some pennies.

However, I advise you to do research, understand your sizing, know the material you’re most comfortable wearing.

Also, avoid super attractive deals and discounts, especially those never openly announced on the former Ethan Maddox Official Website.

Stay away from juicy deals because scammers are known to take advantage of the current status of the Ethan Maddox Brand.

Like several other noteworthy product reviews, the Ethan Maddox golf reviews are a mixture of good, satisfactory, and indifferent.



Ethan Maddox Golf Reviews
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Before the shutdown, the Ethan Maddox Golf Brand was known for drop-shipping its products, managing orders effectively, and marketing the products. But as of recent, things have changed.

So if you don’t get the earlier mentioned qualities on your next order for any Ethan Maddox product, don’t fret, we all know why.

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