What Time Is 23 Minutes to 4 O’clock: Basic Soccer Knowledge

Not you asking what time 23 minutes to 4 o’clock is.

I mean, besides what the time says, there’s so much to worry about. Right?

Actually, there isn’t.

Time revolves around everything we do. So you are not weird for asking a specific question that could pass off as a meme, or a time riddle.

A good soccer performance depends on several factors like; the tactical, mental, and technical areas.

As a result, knowing how to read the time is a basic skill needed to excel on the pitch.

Mastery of time riddles is another additional skill that could count as a plus for you.

As for the question of what 23 minutes to 4 o’clock is, there are two approaches to the answer – the literal answer and the riddle answer.

You’ll see all of them in this content.


23 minutes to 4 O’clock overview

In literal terms, 23 minutes to 4 O’clock is 3 hours 37 minutes. It also means there are 23 minutes left before 4 o’clock.

The reason is that 60 minutes makes 1 hour. And when you minus 23 minutes from 60 minutes, you have 37 minutes left.

In time riddles, when the time is 4 o’clock on a 24-hour clock, it means 23 minutes after 3.

That’s the answer!

Let’s check out how we derived the answer.

First, subtract 2 hours from your answer.

If your boss gave you an 11 o’clock deadline and you thought he meant 11:11 am, you’d be off by two hours.

Hence, you’ll need to push back your appointment by two hours.

Did you get it?

Sounds rather complicated if you’d ask me.

But hey, I didn’t make the rules!

Time riddles require a lot of reverse thinking.


A breakdown of the time riddle – what time is 23 minutes to 4 o’clock?

This particular riddle first questions the current time.

As soon as a person throws the question, a cryptic remark follows, ” the time is 23 minutes to 4″.

Notwithstanding, the phrasing of this riddle tends to get confusing, but there’s a simple answer if you give some thought to it.

Earlier, I answered the time riddle, but now I want to explain how I arrived at that answer.

The information in this explanation will help you solve similar riddles if you get stuck trying to find the answer to a time riddle.


Identifying the clues to the time riddle

You need to know two things to solve what time it is –

  • The distance between two points.
  • The amount of time it’d take for something to travel that distance.

We use a system of coordinates when dealing with time and minutes.

For instance, here’s how you’d convert hours-minutes-seconds into days-hours-minutes-seconds.

If you were to convert 45 minutes to days, the result will be 3 days, 21 hrs, 16 mins, and 52 seconds from the current time.


Why the logic is hidden

The riddle is not obvious because we may interpret it in many ways.

The major problem is that most people will decipher it to be 23 minutes after 3 o’clock.

This translation suits the American way of reading the time because everyone begins counting after midnight – 1 o’clock. Then they start their day at noon.

But most parts of the world starts counting from midnight, and in such a scenario, 23 minutes after 3 o’clock would be 3:23.


How 23 minutes to 4 o’clock is an excellent time riddle for soccer

23 minutes to 4 o'clock is what time
phillipkofler / Pixabay

If you solved the riddle correctly, well done. If you didn’t, it’s no big deal.

There are a ton of fun and engaging riddles out there. You can try them out anytime.

One strength of riddles is how they let you know how your mind works.

The mind in itself is the powerhouse of soccer.

Playing on the pitch requires strength, agility, focus, and out-of-the-box thinking.

“Time riddles are excellent for helping people reflect on their thinking process.”

Think what you like but never forget that being a good riddler requires practice. So don’t stop practicing riddles like this one.

When next you’re on the pitch, you’d be surprised how skillfully you’d dribble the soccer ball and how quickly you’ll tackle every opponent.


18 minutes before 11

18 minutes before 11 is 10:42 is the answer.

This is because 1 hour makes 60 minutes. And to calculate the time at 18 minutes before 11 o’clock, you have to minus 18 minutes from 11 o’clock, which will give you 10:42.

Another way to do this is by counting back 18 minutes from 11 o’clock to get the same answer.


23 minutes to 7 o clock​ is what time?

23 minutes to 7 o’clock is 6:37 because it needs 37 minutes to get to 7 o’clock.

Similarly, 33 minutes after 7 o’clock is 27 minutes before 8 o’clock.

If you find questions like this cumbersome, you can try using a minute-to-time converter where you’ll see the number of minutes displayed in hours and minutes in clock format.

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